NISHIYAMA Eiji (1932) Western-style painter. Born in Ishikawa Prefecture. Exhibited in the second Issoukaiten and then continued to exhibit after that. In 1983 he was recommended as a member. In 1994 he received a member award at the 16th Issoukaiten. He also became an operating member in 1994. In 1998 he received a commemorative grand prize at the 20th Issoukaiten. In 2012 he received a member special award at the 34th Issoukaiten. In 1980 he exhibited at the 36th Gendai Bijutsuten and then continued to exhibit after that. Beginning with the 54th Gendai Bijutsuten in 1998, he received 3 consecutive second prizes. In 2001 he was recommended for non-judging (member). In 2003 and 2008 he exhibited as a judge. In 2005 he became a prefectural artistic and cultural association member. His important works include “Atelier no Model tachi” and “Atelier 2009,” which use blue as a base color. Member of the Japan Artists Association. Director of the Kaga City artists association.

Explanation of work: Atelier – 2012 Aki wo Kaku, No. F130 Created in 2012. Exhibited at the 34th Issokaiten. Received a member’s special award.


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