Masatoshi NOGUCHI

NOGUCHI Masatoshi (1938-) Western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. Raised in Saitama Prefecture. Currently resides in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Graduated from the Chiba University School of Medicine. Studied under the late Suzuki Ryozo (Issuikai). Former member of Hakugeisha. Currently unaffiliated. Exhibited at Salon des artistes independants and Wakainokaiten, etc. He has held 27 personal exhibitions and exhibited at Tokyo Central Art Museum, Hikarigaoka Museum of Art, and others. He wrote a book called “France Aburae no Tabi.” He likes Europe, especially France, and every year he visits it for research and continues to paint Europe’s cityscapes. Director of Shinseikai medical corporation and director of Noguchi Clinic.

"Strasbourg no Machi." Created in 2010.


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