ONO Tomoko

ONO Tomoko (1943-) Western-style painter. Born in the former Manchukuo. Currently resides in her parents’ hometown of Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. Maiden name is Kato Tomoko. Graduated from Junior College of Aizu and Toyo University. Many of her works depict colorful female images with themes of dreams, romance, and fairy tales. Important awards include the double award of the Grand Prix au Carrousel du Louvre and the Prix Tricolore de la Paix de l'Art for “Beautiful Parisienne” in 2003. “FROM ARTISTS” referred to her as a genius. “Mizu no Nagare ni Sotte” received the Vaclav I art grand prize. “Princess I” received the Thai Red Cross Nightingale Art Prize. “Princess II” received the Mademoiselle coloring elegance grand prize on the 125th anniversary of the birth of Marie Laurencin. She has also received many other awards both in Japan and other countries, and she has held 18 personal exhibitions. She has also been recognized and received various awards for international cooperation and social contributions in the fields of art, culture, and social welfare over many years. Recognized as a city government person of merit at a ceremony for the 100th anniversary of Aizuwakamatsu City becoming a city, art ambassador for Champagne, France, goodwill and friendship ambassador for Saint Petersburg, Russia, tourism exchange ambassador for “warm” Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, cultural goodwill ambassador for Japan and Hawaii, “InterContinental Royal Artist,” etc. She had multi-faceted achievements in 2011 such as receiving a “Higashikuninomiya cultural prize” and a “Toyo University Alumni Association Chairperson’s award.” Active in bringing out literary talent as the writer Ono Tomoko. Fukushima coterie of Nika Association. Member of Shingeijutsu Kyokai. Full member of Thailand’s WAC. Writes art recommendations for England. Honorary writer for the University of Hawaii, etc.

Princess Ⅰ No. F50. Received a nightingale art award authorized by the Thailand Red Cross.

Princess Ⅱ No. F50. Received a mademoiselle grand prize for elegant coloring at an commemorative exhibition of 125th anniversary of Marie Laurencin's birth. Displays two paintings, in color and monochrome.


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