OTA Satoshi

OTA Satoshi (1936-) Western-style painter. Born in Yokohama. Currently resides in Hachioji City, Tokyo. He exhibited an oil painting called “Nanohana” at Commemorative Exhibition of Foundation of the Kamakura Artist Association in 1964, and this attracted the attention of Ebihara Kinosuke and he was recommended as an affiliate. He now paints with an emphasis on unique coloring. Since 1996 he has been continuing to present works mainly under the theme of flowers (mimosa, roses) and landscapes mainly at personal exhibitions every year in Ginza and other places. Selected (oil painting of mimosa) in 2005 for the Le Salon Exhibition and in 2006 for the Salon d’Automne Exhibition. In 2008 and 2009 he was the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Tokyo representative for studying abroad. Studied under Terai Juzo. Currently unaffiliated.

"Cosmos." Created around 2000. In a personal collection of the 4th Ota Satoshi Oil Painting Exhibition.


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