OTSUKI Keiko (1943-) Formative artist. Born in Hyogo Prefecture, currently residing in Tokyo. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. Studied under Serizawa Keisuke. Visited many countries and created tapestries, rugs, and dyed textiles that express nature’s scenery, plants, people, and culture using her unique sense of beauty and philosophy. Using techniques that she researched independently in addition to traditional techniques such as Tsutsugaki print design and woodblock dyeing, she creates works of international fusion with coloring that has a transparent feeling like light and bold and concise form in order to convey the beautiful Earth to the future. Exhibits at domestic and foreign exhibitions, mainly at Kokugakai, and her works are in collections at art museums, theme museums, and public buildings. In particular, her unique touch can be seen in her works that are influenced by Africa and Central and South America. Member of Kokugakai and Japan Interior Architects/Designer’s Association.

Hazama. Created in 2012.


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