OZAKI Seiko (1929-) Western-style painter. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Her grandfather was Japanese-style painter Hashimoto Sumitoki and her mother was French-style painter Ogasawara Tokiko BunJou. Began studying oil painting under Nikaido Kenzo at age 6. Graduated from Osaka Women’s University. After graduating, she created works on the top of her work as a math teacher, and then obtained an art instructor license and taught art at a junior high school. Led art lessons for many years. “Summer and children” was first selected for Souzouten in 1949. After that, it was selected for exhibitions such as All Kansai Exhibition, Kensuikai Exhibition, and Issuikai Exhibition and received many awards. After receiving a new face award at the 1998 Exhibition of International Fine arts Association (IFA), received 10 awards in the course of a year. After that, she actively participated in exhibitions in other countries and received many awards such as a Salon de Paris award in 1989, a Paris Citizen’s award and the New York International Art grand prize in 1991, and subsequently a Los Angeles Citizen’s award, an opera house art award, a Cuba Minister of National Culture's award, and a Principality of Monaco honorary award. Has exhibited 20 times at overseas exhibitions and held 30 personal exhibitions thus far. Creates a broad range of works with motifs such as people, domestic and foreign scenery, and flowers. Important works include “Nakanoshima Kokaido,” “Himawari,” “Koyo,” and “Fuji.” Her works are included in collections at places such as the Osaka prefectural government office, Kosetsu Memorial Hospital, the Tondabayashi City mayor’s residence, and the Kintetsu Cultural Salon. In 2002 she established and became chairperson of the Heisei Art Association. Former trustee of Nihon Gendai Bijutuka Renmei, judge for Renten, member of the Osaka Prefectural Artists Association, trustee of the Tondabayashi Citizens’ Art Association, honorary trustee of the Environmental Preservation and Art Association, and lecturer at the Kintetsu Cultural Salon.

『"Ima Kono Toki." Oil painting/canvas. Created in 2000. Exhibited at the 5th Oasis 2000. Received an art incentive award at Gendai Nihon Geiijutsuten.


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