SAKURAI Yukiko (1965-) Western-style painter. Born in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Graduated from the oil painting department of Musashino Bijutsu Gakuin. At school, she learned from Shinseisaku Art Society’s representative Ota Kunihiro and Kokugakai’s Kakegawa Takao. Also learned from Nika Association’s Fujita Yoshiaki. After completing studies on plastic art and oil painting, she studied animation characters, ink drawing, woodblock prints, and logo mark creation in the CG department. Selected for a world card collection by Switzerland’s Who's Who in International Art. Main awards include selection for a Le Salon Exhibition, commemorative award at a French modern art salon, an association award at a French Millet Exhibition, a governor’s award, an award from the mayor of Idhra Island, Athens, and a coterie effort award at Nika Branch Exhibition. Works in collections in Guilin City Hall in China, the Office of the Prime Minister in Thailand, and other places. Currently affiliated with Nika Association. Artist authorized by the Venice International Art Society.

『森の道化師(小鳥)』「第100回二科展」(2015) 出品作


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