SASAKI Seiko (1953-) Japanese-style painter. Born in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. Currently resides in Sabae City. Born Sasaki Shizuko. After learning to play the piano and paint as a young child and then graduating from a music school, she became a teacher of Kawai music school. After that, she became the president of a music school and at the same time independently studied watercolor painting, etc. In 1993 she studied under Watanabe Dosen at Fukuiken Suibokuga Kyokai. The main awards received include an FBC (Fukui Broadcasting Corporation) award, a Fukui Shimbunsha award, and the 30th commemorative award of Fukuiken Suibokuga Kyokai. She received two honorable merits from Nihon Nangain, a Mayor of Kyoto award, and a special selection. Her recent work “Tsui no Toki” depicts the time of life with two falcons soaring from far away. Currently a coterie of Nihon Nangain, director of Fukuiken Suibokuga Kyokai, and leader of Geijutsu Club Miyamakai.

Tsui no Toki. Created in 2012. Exhibited and selected as an outstanding work at Nihon Nangain.


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