SATO Satomi

Satō Satomi Showa 32 – (1975 – ) Western-style painter. Born in Yamagata Prefecture. Currently resides in Yamagata Prefecture. Selected by Nihon Suisai-ga Exhibition in 1984. In her early years, she mainly presented pieces at regional group exhibitions, winning the Kakubundo prize at the Hakuōsha Art Exhibition in 1985. In 2014, she held a solo exhibition called “Dai-ikkai shiki ten” at Gallery Sen in Sendai. Her work was selected for the 50th Ikki Exhibition and won the Rookie Prize. In 2016, she won an honorable mention award at the 42nd Taiyo Art Exhibition. In 2017, she held a solo exhibition called “Dai-nikai suisai to aburae ten” at Gallery Sen in Sendai. She has held 8 other solo exhibitions. Representative works include “Kōshi,” “Ikiru chikara,” and “Hisashi,” and her work continues to portray the harsh nature of the Sea of Japan in a moving way. Her works, which use oil paint, watercolor, and washi paper, display rich feelings of translucence and imagination.


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