SEKI Kourin

SEKI Kourin (1941-) Industrial artist. Born in Shanghai, China. Currently resides in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Born Seki Tsunakazu. After Kowa, renamed Kourin. Became an apprentice of Yonemitsu Tahei in 1957. Became independent in 1962. Studied under Tanabe Tsuneo. Began work to create new inlays at the age of 40. In 1983, received an award from the head of the Consumer Goods Industries Bureau of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry at the 7th National Traditional Crafts Exhibition. In 1998, received an incentive award at the Tanko Biennial Tea Ceremony and Art Public Exhibition. In 2004, exhibited at the 31st Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium Art Exhibition.

"Aoi Hikari." Created in 1997. 42cm×16cm. Exhibited at the 38th Asia Modern Art Exhibition.


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