Toshiko Shibasaki (born 1938). Oil painter. Born in Hokkaido. Currently a resident of Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Started painting oils at 43 with almost no formal training. Formed the amateur club “Les’arbres” in 1984. Since then, she has organized the annual group exhibit at Gallery hibiya every year until the 20th exhibit in 2003. Won first prize at the 1991 National Amateur Prize Exhibition. Selected for the “Nihon no Shizen wo Edaku Ten (Exhibition to Celebrate Japan’s Natural Beauty)” from 1994 to 1997. After participating in koboten (exhibition of works by the general public), she gave her first solo exhibition in 1995 and has given 30 exhibitions as of 2018. Exhibited at the 1998 Gallery Network-Association Japan Exhibition. Became a member of the Shinyouga Art Society in 1999 and exhibited as a member for 10 years. Visited Europe in 1997 to show at the One Japan Festival. After that, she participated in exhibits and won prizes in many European cities, including Paris, until 2009. Recognized for her artistic endeavors with an award from the Thai royal family. Has held a solo exhibition in Shanghai. Also exhibited at the 150th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Exhibition in Paris and Belgium. Won grand prize at the Wine Label Art Exhibit in 2012(Paris) and 2017(Rome). Won Gold Medal at the world’s first Italian Olive Oil Label Art Exhibit in 2018. She specializes in painting flowers with a uniquely personal touch. Her masterpieces include “Flower Romance”, “Autumn Concerto”, and “A Homage to Change”. She currently heads a class for lifelong learners called “Atelier Kio”. She is a passionate advocate for senior citizens to engage in hobbies and also for bringing art to the masses.

“Flower Romance”


“Autumn Concerto”

“A Homage to Change”

“Divine Capriccio”


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