SHIRADO Yasuko (1940-) Western-style painter. Born in Akita Prefecture. Currently resides in Shinagawa, Tokyo. In 1995 she developed leukemia and began to paint pictures while battling the illness. She later joined Nihon Gafu, in 2003 she received a new-face award at the 50th Nipputen and became a member. In 2008 she received an incentive award and was recommended as a councilor. In 2011 she received an effort award. In 2013 she was recommended as a counselor at the 60th Nipputen. She likes to look at the sky and clouds, leading her to paint pictures of clouds. She drew clouds shaped like doves, based on her strong hope for world peace after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Profundity (Yugen)S100. Created in 2013. Exhibited at the 60th Nipputen.


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