SHIMIZU Masao (1948-) Western-style painter. Born in Saitama Prefecture. Currently resides in Tokorozawa City. In his early 30s he decided to take up painting, which he had liked since his youth, and studied under Hinoto Mitsuo (ceramic artist; apprentice of Tomimoto Kenkichi). Exhibited works repeatedly at Nipputen, starting with the 44th Nipputen in 1997. Received many awards such as a Nipputen incentive award in 2001, effort awards in 2004 and 2008, a Chunichi award in 2009, and a Nippu award in 2010. Representative works include “Daichi to no yakusoku,” which depicts eternal time and immovable truth, “Hyoryu” and “Kuroi taiyo,” which depict the nuclear accident in Fukushima, and “Power of New York,” which depicts the rejuvenation of New York. He believes that painting purifies the heart, and he seeks paintings that should be expressed as a form of the essence of things. He is unaffiliated and a former trustee of Nihongafu.

"Daichi to no Yakusoku." Created in 2010. Received a '10 Nippu award at the 57th Nipputen.


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