SUGIHARA Toyoko (1946-) Western-style painter. Born in Miyazaki Prefecture. Currently resides in Nagasaki City. Graduated from the Japan College of Music in 1970. Became familiar with painting and music as a young child. Began learning oil painting with a Miyake Akira group in 1977. Studied under Mizumoto Mutsuya in 1996 and bonded music and painting together deeply, visited Germany, Italy, and Austria in 2001, and since then has been painting mainly scenery from those places. Exhibited a work “Alt Heidelberg” at the Nagasaki City Art Exhibition in 2007 and was selected for the first time. The same year, received an international art association exhibition award for excellence. In 2008, received an international art association exhibition incentive award for “Koto no shujitsu” and received a Taiyo art exhibition affiliate award for excellence for “Suiren no omoide.” Became a member in 2009. Received awards 4 times. Held German and Austrian Scenery Exhibition at Nagasaki Brick Hall in 2010. In 2011, “Ensoka no omoi” was not submitted for judgment. Currently a member of Taiyo Bijutsu Kyokai. Associate member of International Art Society.

"Kojo (Heidelberg-jo)." Created in 2010. Exhibited at Taiyo Bijutsuten.


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