SUGITA Yoichiro

SUGITA Yoichiro (1947-) Western-style painter. Born in Aichi Prefecture. Currently resides in Okazaki City. Graduated from Nagoya Zokei Junior College of Art and Design with a major in Western-style painting. When he was a child he learned painting from his father, Kawai Fukio, who was a junior high school art teacher. He also held discussions with his father-in-law, the late Nakamura Kenya, about painting, design, and techniques. He is particularly skilled in scenery and still object paintings. An example is the “Forgotten Shoes” series, which depicts motif of shoes that were worn by people. Those paintings never cease to draw in the people that look at them, because they have mysterious sense of depicting shoes dancing amid quiet and sometimes amid a torrent of passion. He creates new aesthetic space without relying on existing views of art. He has received many awards such as an Aichi prefectural governor’s award, a Minister of Justice award, and a Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology award. Currently serves as Vice Chairman and is active in Shinten Bijutsu Kyokai. He also devotes his efforts to painting instruction for young children, elementary, junior high, and high school students, and adults, including elderly people, and he continues to be active as a voluntary interview committee member. Member of Okazaki Art Association.

"Wasurerareta Kutsu" series


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