SURUGA Koki Johnny

SURUGA Koki Johnny (1951-) Ceramic artist and Western-style painter. Born in Okayama Prefecture. After leaving Tokyo Designer Gakuin College before graduation, he attended Taka Bijustu Kenkyujo, and at the age of 28 he returned to Okayama and began making ceramics. He exhibited abstract art at the Salon de Fine Arts and continued to do so for the following 8 years. In 1995 he joined the International Art Council, and he has exhibited many times in Europe. Received a special award for excellence from an art magazine in Japan in 2003. In 2008, received a Paris-Cannes international art award, a Firenze-Venice-Palermo international art award, a Monaco Monte Carlo art evangelist grand prize, and was a Sydney Gold Coast art heritage recommended artist. Received awards both in Japan and other countries. Member of the Habsburg royal court of art.

TEL : 080-2946-2407




"Nihilism - Samurai Sora wo Kiru." Solid watercolor and pencil. Kent paper. Created in 2005.


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