SUZUKI Mineko (1934-) Western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. Currently resides in Motoazabu. Graduated from Otsuma Women’s University. Began studying under Nakayama Masayoshi in 1953. After that, joined Soubikai and studied under Nikikai member Mizukami Keiji. Received a Soubiten award at the 13th Soubiten, the 17th Kinkado award, and the 19th award for excellence. Recommended as a member. Soubikai was disbanded because of Mizukami's old age. Joined Fushikai in 1994. Recommended as a member in 1996. Received the Holbein award at the 24th Fushikai Exhibition, the 27th Matsuda award, and the 29th award for effort. Recommended as an associate member. Selected as a judge for a Japan-EU children’s art exhibition. Recommended as an affiliate after first exhibiting at the 79th Shinkozosha Exhibition. Recommended as an associate member of the 80th Shinkozosha Exhibition. Received a board of education award, an award of excellence, and an incentive award from the Taito Ward Art Association, and was recommended as a member. Recommended as a member of the 82nd Shinkozosha Exhibition. Exhibited for the first time at Taiyo Bijutsu Kyokai, received a new face award, an incentive award, and was recommended as a member. Travelled abroad 11 times, and is skilled mainly in the scenery of Italy, the old capitals of Germany, and France, etc. Many of her still object paintings are of flowers, particularly roses. She thinks that the heavy colors of roses match oil paintings. Currently a member of Japan Artists Association.

"Kabin no Bara." Created in 2009. Exhibited and received an award at the West Lake Art Fair in China.


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