SACHIKO Modern artist. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently resides in Yokohama City. Born Suzuki Sachiko. Completed a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Tokyo Gakugei University. Main awards received include awards at Kanagawa-ken Bijutsushoten, Yoga 100 Wkayama Tashoten, and America Taishoten. She has held personal exhibitions at places such as Ginza Muramatsu Gallery, Shirota Gallery, Gallery Fukuyama, and Caelum Gallery in NY. An important work is “Kiroi Toshi.” Member of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design. Member of the Modern Art Kyokai. Member of the Society of Art Education in University. Member of the Art Education Society of Japan. Member of the International Society for Education through Art in Japan. Member of INSEA (International Society for Education through Art).

"Kiiroi Toshi." Created around 2003. Received awards at exhibitions such as America Taishoten and Yoga 100 Wakayama Taishoten.


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