TAKEUCHI Emi (1926-) Plastic artist. Born in Hokkaido. Currently resides in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from the design department of NihonTsushi Bijutsu Gakuen in 1966. Received a Freedom to Create prize at an art exhibition at the Louvre in Paris in 2004 for the wood carving “Mizuumi no yakata” created back in 1960 when she was a master of Sogetsu ikebana school. That was made with a poem as the base, and in 2005 she published a collection of poems titled “Mizuumi no yakata” that included two molds and one painting. Back in 1977 she included three molds and one cutout picture in a collection of poems titled “Kiri no tou.” She then created a second collection of poems titled “Ten no hichi no nami” and in 2003 included eleven mold works and 3 paintings of various types. These were mainly individual poems, and they include her desire to create poems even out of simple object works.

Mizuumi no Takata. Created in 1960. Exhibited at the Louvre Museum Exhibition. Received a French freedom of creation award. Exhibited at Ichihara Lakeside Museum.


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