TOGO Katsuji

Katsuji Togo, born 1938. Painter of Western-style art. Born in Fukui prefecture. Studied at the “SHOKUBIKYOU” Chuo Art Institute while still a student. Begin painting after completing studies at the OCHABI INSTITUTE. Exhibited work at the “Shutaiten” for the first time in 1972, and continued to exhibit there consecutively for 30 times until 2001. During such time, awarded the Honorably Mention 3 times. Later suspended exhibitions and became non-affiliated. In 2012, published a collection of his early works. After the passing of his daughter in 2015, turned from representational expression to abstract expression in his art. In 2018, published a collection of his abstract art that he made during this time. At present, has held private exhibitions 15times at Kinokuniya Gallery, etc. His most famous work include the representational painting called the “Wait” and his abstract painting called “Birth.” Currently a member of the Japan Artists Association.

“Footsteps” (an oil painting) was entered in a private exhibition in 2018 (canvas size F80)


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