TO Shi

TO Shi (1939-) Western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. Born Yokota Yujiro. Changed his painting name to To Shi from kipa Toushi. Left the art department of Bunka Gakuin before graduating, and exhibited works mainly at personal and group exhibitions. Specialized in lacquer paintings for a period and recommended as a member of the ceramics division of Sankikai, but left it and returned to oil painting. Main awards received are a Japan Art Commentator Grand Prize, Hillstone art award, an AIDS charity art exhibition art grand prize, a grand prize for worldwide artists who paint nature, authorized as a France art heritage artist, and an International Art Dealer Association Leone d’Oro award. He has held personal exhibitions eight times. Currently unaffiliated.

"Louvre Kyu." Received an art grand prize at an AIDS charity art exhibition.


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