TSUTSUMI Kei (1956-) Western-style painter. Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Began independently studying oil painting at the age of 10. After graduating from the oil painting department of Musashino Art University, returned to hometown of Wakayama City and continued painting mainly the scenery of local Wakanoura while also enthusiastically creating still-life paintings. Has been exhibiting at many exhibitions, mainly outside Japan, such as Le Salon and Salon d'automne since 1997, and held personal exhibitions in France in 2000 and in the Netherlands in 2004. The painting style was influenced by Cezanne, the painting structure is robust, the colors are lucid blues, greens, and yellows, and the works have a strong presence. There is also a translucence that utilizes the whiteness of the paper on which the watercolors are painted. Since 1999, has also continued to paint a “Juei” series that depicts the form of trees reflected on the surface of ponds. Those pictures are blue-themed oil paintings, express spiritual depths like sumi ink paintings, and receive favorable reviews in both Japan and other countries. Creates over 100 works a year, exhibits at personal exhibitions, etc. every year, and also is devoted to cultivating younger people by serving as a high school art teacher.

Kozushizan no Sakura. Created in 2012. Tsutsumi Kei Ten. In the collection of Art Space Tsutsumi.


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