Saiko Tsuji (1929-) Painter of Japanese-style art. Born in Tokyo. Her real name is Yo Itsuji. Studied under Chikkyo. One of her representative works created in 1994, “Leafless Trees on Evening Sky of Winter,” depicts a screen filled with leafless trees spreading their branches as if they are dancing, against the background of faint madder red sunlight by the mountains emitted from the sun that has sunk beneath the mountains, as well as sprawling white clouds that cover the evening sky starting to turn into deep blue. The impressive expression, in which both strength and subtlety reside together, is truly modern and surpasses the concept of Japanese-style painting. The painting has received a high praise in many countries including Japan, and received a certificate from the Louvre Royal Academy. She has received Houou Award at Todaiji Mugen-ten Exhibition, Art and Treasure Highest Rank Award at Kyoto Nishi-honganji Mugen-ten Exhibition, Best Creative Award at Geijutsu Kukan-ten Exhibition, Lautrec Grand Award at Lautrec 100 Year Art Festival, Grand Prix at Revolution of Beauty Exhibition in Louvre Museum, among others. She has received many awards in Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, and the United States. Her work was selected for Bach CD-ROM Best Music and Art Museum. Received Grand Prize. Received AMSC International Art Gold Award, AMSC Japan-Spain Art Houou Award, AMSC Art Taika Grand Prize, and the 2011 certificate of worldly masterpiece heritage artist (Société des artistes français). Awarded the grand prize at Global Art Masters in 2012. In 2015, Japan-France Artist Honorary Gold Award at the Commemorative Exhibition for the 300th Anniversary of Passing of Louis IV, Le Roi Soleil. In 2017, Japan-Italy International Goodwill Benedizione Special Gold Award at Japan-Italy Dynasty Wine Label Ancient City Art Festival. Honorary artist certified by Japan Art Heritage In 2018, Selection Committee Chair Christine Mono Award at Japonismsm 2018 Grand Prix. In 2019, Mariage Art Festival commemorating 170th anniversary of passing of Hokusai Katsushika, accepted as a collection at Paris Bercy Museum. Former committee member of Sesshu International Art Society, honorary member of Erbagatta Roma Art Association, full member of Salon de Lautrec. Received the title of MVA from Overseas Art Exchange Society, Rome Branch. An artist certified by Japan Cultural Heritage. World Renowned Heritage artist.

“Leafless Trees on Evening Sky of Winter” created in 1994
Grand Prix at Revolution of Beauty Exhibition in Louvre Museum


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