UEDA Yasuyuki

UEDA Yasuyuki (1956-) Western-style painter, woodblock print artist. Born in Hokkaido. Currently resides in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from the molding department of Tokyo Zokei University in 1983. Since 1988 he has expressed awareness and areas in an abstract world through a woodblock print series called “ZONE.” Since 1990 he has exhibited every year in the Hangaten hosted by the Japan Print Association, and he became a member in 2003. He has been a member of the International Print Exchange Association since 1992, and he became its representative in 2002〜2006. Since 1994 he has been creating works under the theme of imagined scenery in a series called “LANDSCAPE.” A main project was a Poland-Japan international modern print exchange exhibition. He was later invited to make a special exhibit at the International Print Triennale in Krakow, and an exhibition of 100 works by approximately 50 people was held at the Manggha Centre of Japanese Art & Technology. Since 1997 he has participated as a member of the print artist group Han 17 led by woodblock print artist Yuki Rei (1928–2002). Main awards received were a 39th mini-print triennale museum award in 1998 and the Tokyo governor’s award at the 39th Seisuten in 2012. His works are in many collections, including la Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, the National Novosibirsk Art Museum, and the National Argentina Art Museum. Since 1991 he has been creating print series called “Landscape” and “Weathering.” In recent years he has been working on a drawing series that uses mixed media and is called “Raden no Sha.” Currently a member of the Japan Print Association, a member of the International Print Exchange Association, a member of Seisukai, and a member of “Han 17.”

"Raden no Sha." Received a Tokyo Governor's award at the 39th Seisukai in 2012.


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