WEMATSU Misa (1941-) Contemporary formative artist. Born in Kyoto City. Born Uematsu Mihoko. Began producing works on flat surfaces in 1963, and exhibited works at a “Kohdo Art Exhibition.” Affiliate of Kohdo Bijutsu in 1987. Visited France and 4 other countries in 1989. Left Kohdo Bijutsu in 1997. Began developing solo activities at this time. Gradually began expressing three-dimensional formation. Received the second prize at the “Japan-France Modern Art Exhibition” in 1989 and 1991. Candidate for the “International Art Exhibition of Japan” award in 1990. Received the award for excellence and the mayor's award in the sculpture division at the “Kyoto City Art Exhibition” in 1991. Received the encouragement award at the “Emba Art Contest” in 1993. Received awards such as the Doyusha award at the “Tenri Biennale” in 1996. Started working with three-dimensional design expression in 1997. Since 2000, creating works that can be experienced, such as a cloth teahouse that can be appreciated from inside the work, and in 2008, exhibited works at Kuny Domokos Museum in Hungary. Participated in “Art Islands in Tokyo” in 2012. Stayed at a print craft center in Canada in 2001, and has been working on monotype block printing since then.

WEMATSU Misa  http://www5.plala.or.jp/misa3/

"Mantenboshi no Gotoku Chi ni ha Kusaki ga Aru."Created in 2011. Kizugawa Art. Exhibited in the open lobby of the Kizugawa city office. Materials: cotton cloth and plastic aggregate.


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