UNO Yu (1930-) Sumi ink painter. Born Uno Machiko. Born in Tokyo and currently resides in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Loves sumi ink and paints with a love of the nature around her. regular member of the Sesshu International Art Society, researcher and visiting professor at the Japan Chinese Calligraphy Method Association. Received awards such as the grand prize from the Japan-US-Netherlands Art Academy Association, Japan-Italy International Friendship Art Grand Prize, and the judges’ special award at the Japan Art Competition in London. Important works are “Moe” and “Tenju.” Ten personal exhibitions and three illustrated books.

Fuka. Created in 2002. Received the 15th West Lake Art Fair Wu Shan Tian Feng award and Geijutsu Koron Gendai Nihon Shusaku Bijutsu grand prize. In the collection of Shonan Village, Inc.


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