WADA Kohaku

WADA Kohaku (1945-) Japanese-style painter. Born in Osaka Prefecture. Currently resides in Tokyo. Born Wada Reiko. Studied sumi ink painting under Jikihara Gyokusei and Katagiri Hakuto, and studied calligraphy under Nakagawa Yuko. Belonged to the haiku journal “Soshun” when she resided in Osaka. Received Nihon Bunjin Gafu Award in 1975 and Nihon Nangain Award in 1980. Her work published in “The Lives of Japanese Artists” (educational material used in Italy) won a Heroic Award in 2014, and the one published in “The Stories of Great Japanese and French Artists” won a grand prize. Her works were exhibited at “Japan Art Tasting Expo 2015 in Milano,” “Soseki and Japanese Art in the 21st Century Exhibition” at the Museum of Art, Ehime, in 2016, which was held to commemorate the centennial of Soseki’s death, “The Mind of Japanese Art” held at Nikko Toshogu in 2017, and “International Peace Exhibition” held in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2018. The ambassador of Japan-Italy Culture Creation awarded a gold prize to his art tiles, which are in the wall art collection at National Leonardo da Vinci Junior High School in Italy. Wrote four documents for a course on sumi ink painting techniques. Has held seven personal exhibitions. Leader of Furyusha. Her works are in collections in places such as the Principality of Monaco, the Consulate General of Japan in New York, University of Hawaii, University of Rome, and the Pavillons of Bercy in Paris, France.

“Book” Size F20

Hanagoyomi. Created in 2012. Art World. Received a world cultural contribute top artist grand prize.


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