WAGATSUMA Masashi (1935-) Western-style painter. Born in Miyagi Prefecture. Currently resides in Aichi Prefecture. Studied under Sano Yutaka. Exhibited at Kokuten since 2002 (2004 new-face award, 2006 Kokuga award), exhibited at Chubu Kokuten in 2001 (new-face award two times, incentive award two times), exhibited at Suisai Renmeiten (incentive award two times, quasi-member award two times), received a new-face award at Suisai Kyokaiten in 1998. Went to Mexico for an exchange exhibition at the Mexico Watercolor Art Museum, recommended to exhibit at Salon International de Paris exhibition in 1999, recommended as a founding member, received a 2002 Baron-Renouard award, and invited to exhibit in 2003. Received an international friendship art honor award in 2000, exhibited at a 2001 Japan-France-China modern art world exhibition, Munakata memorial print grand prize exhibition, the first Shusaku Suisaiten, 2005 Kyoten, Cadaqués international exhibition (Spain), Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennale, and 2006 Japan Print Association Exhibition. Published a collection of works (by Seikatsu no Tomo) in 2007, and held six personal exhibitions. Went to South Korea for a Japan-South Korea artist exchange exhibition, and has traveled abroad 15 times. Important works are “Shiroi Machi” and “Haikyo.” Currently a member of Kokugakai.

"Haikyo II.  Exhibited at the 80th commemorative Kokuten. Received a Kokuga award."


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