KENJI Watanabe

Kenji Watanabe (1946~): A western-style painter and historian. Born in Gifu Prefecture. Currently lives in Aichi Prefecture. His artworks were approved as world's artistic cultural assets. He was once a regular member of the Association in Homage to J. F. Millet Japan Branch. He leads “Kiotosinokai,” a regional history study group, which studies history and folklore, deciphers ancient documents, and conducts other researches. 1994: His art piece won awards consecutively at “Association in Homage to J. F. Millet Japan Branch Exposition.” 1997: His artwork was published in “Gendai Nihon Bijutsu Meihin Korekushon (Collection of Distinguished Japanese Modern Art).” 2000: He was awarded a Special Prize at “J. F. Millet France Main Office Exposition” and Istanbul City Art Award at “Turkey World Art Exhibition,” and was nominated as an honorary artist certified by Nouvelle Renaissance. 2004: He received Cote d'Azur International Art Award at the “International Fine Art Cannes Biennale.” His artworks were published in art textbooks for national and public high schools across the country as well as art universities and schools in France. 2005: He was appointed as the Japan-France Goodwill Ambassador for Art. His artworks were approved as world's artistic cultural assets by the European Planning and Operation Bureau. He won World Education Art Grand Prize at an exhibition held to commemorate “The 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Russia” and “Japan-EU Year of People to People Exchanges.” 2006: He was awarded a Special Prize at “J. F. Millet Japan Branch Exposition.” 2007: He was awarded the Arch of Triumph Prize at “J. F. Millet France Main Office Exposition.” 2009: He was nominated to become an honorary member at “The Commemorative Exhibition for the 400th Anniversary of Trade Relations Between Japan and the Netherlands.” 2011: He received a World Masterpiece Asset certification from the Louvre Museum in commemoration of “The 20th Anniversary of the Inscription on the World Heritage List.” 2013: His artwork was recommended by the Art Association of France and published in “Grand Opera 2013 edition” issued by the Louvre Museum. 2015: He received Tokyo Medical Association Chairman’s Award at the “HAC Exhibition” held at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. 2016: His artwork exhibited at Leonardo da Vinci Junior High School became a part of the school’s permanent collection in commemoration of “The 150th Anniversary Festival of Diplomatic Relation.” He was awarded a medal for excellence in art in Italy for his art piece "Kamishima Zansho (Kamishima Afterglow)." 2018: His artwork was published in “Treasures of the World: A Selection of International Artists that Captivate the Louvre Museum,” which was issued to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the founding of the Louvre Museum. 2020: “Soyokaze (Breeze)” became one of the permanent postcard collection at the Louvre Museum and Orsay Museum.



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