WATANABE Toshio (1942-) Western-style painter. Born in Tokyo. Former member of Ohgenkai. Former member of the Museo Nacional del Prado Foundation. Honorary member of the Japan-China Guilin Art Exchange Association. Visiting professor at the Calligraphy Research Institute of China. Has received many awards in Japan and other countries, including a art publisher award at the 9th Art Club Award Exhibition in 2003, a grand prize at a United Nations red ribbon art grand prize exhibition in 2006, an art and culture incentive award at the 14th Bian Award Exhibition in 2008, a grand prize at the France-Japan tricolore collection (the work was permanently included in the collection of Les Pavillons de Bercy in France), a special prize at the Liu Haisu Art Museum special commemorative exhibition (Shanghai) in 2012, and exhibited at an art fair in Zurich, Switzerland in 2012. His current works express a cosmic view within the heart that emphasizes color, surfaces, and structure, with no preferences for abstract or concrete.

"Zanei." No. F80. Exhibited at the 75th Ohgenkai Exhibition in 2009.


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