YAMASHITA Hidetaka (1935-) Western-style painter. Born in Kochi Prefecture. Currently resides in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture. Studied under Iio Tokiharu. Received Daichoten special selection awards in both 1977 and 1978. Former Daichokai member. Member of Association en Hommage à Jean-François Millet. First Japanese honorary member of the Roma artists’ association. Member of Spain’s Museo Nacional del Prado Foundation. Full member of Medici culture association. Honorary professor of Thailand’s national Silpakorn University Academy. Received a Louvre Royal Academy award. Authorized as an honorary artist of Nouvelle Renaissance. Received a Saint Petersburg Art Academy award. Ceremony master grand prize at Japan art treasure grand prix. Japan representative outstanding artist award. Received a Carrousel du Louvre grand prize at a Paris beauty revolution exhibition. Authorized for international council 21st century famous works. Received an international standard art heritage award. Received many other domestic and foreign awards such as 3 academy awards, 6 grand prizes, 11 highest awards, and 32 major awards. His works are in the collections of 3 foreign art museums.

Sekai no Jo-O. Oil painting. No. F8.


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