YONEYAMA Wataru (1947-) Western-style painter. Born and currently resides in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Komazawa University. First exhibited at Ichiyoten in 1998, and debuted a Western-style painting world. Creates paintings of mountains with a unique matiere, and his second work “Kokou・ga” received high acclaim both in Japan and other countries. Selected for Le Salon in 2001, and recommended as a permanent member in 2005. Received awards such as an Ichiyoten incentive award, a scholarship award, a 20th century art world award grand prize (France), and a Monaco government art honor award, and still energetically continues to exhibit in more than ten countries throughout the world. Currently an affiliate of Ichiyokai, a permanent member of the Le Salon, and a member of Japan International Artists Society.

"Shuntetsu Surei." No. F130. Created in 2012. Exhibited at the 58th Ichiyoten.


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