YOROZU Misa (1990-) Western-style painter. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Currently resides in Fukuoka Prefecture. Began studying under Tezuka Yoshiko when she was a young child. Graduated from Chikushi Jogakuen University (Faculty of Literature Department of Clinical Psychology for Human Development) in 2013. In 2008, first selected for "Ao no Sekai" for the 42nd Soten held by Sosaku Gajin Kyokai. Received a new-face award at the 43rd Soten, and consecutively received incentive awards at the 44th through 46th Soten (commemorative exhibitions). Awards include the 48th Holbein Award, the 49th Haruzo Painting Award and the “51st and 52nd So-ten Award.” A promising and up-and-coming writer. Member of Sosaku Gajin Kyokai.

Ao no Sekai. Created in 2008. Exhibited at the 42nd Soten.


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