YOSHIDA Keisetsu

YOSHIDA Keisetsu (1938-) Western-style painter. Currently resides in Okayama Prefecture. Born Yoshida Yoshiko. Her main awards include being selected for a Japan-France-China Modern Art World Exhibition (2001), a Xavier peace and art missionary award (2002), a miracle of Asian beauty award and an Austria-Japan culture and art history accomplishment award at New Century Court Art Festival 2002 and Prague Court Art Festival (2002), the El Eolie art grand prize (2003), and a selection award at the Ueno Royal Museum’s exhibition of paintings of Japan’s nature (1999). Former member of JIAS (Japan International Artists Society), former member of Hakua Bijutsu Kyokai, member of Habsburg Art Friendship Association, full member of the Museo Nacional del Prado Foundation, and authorized art and cultural heritage artist. She is also active as a craftsperson, is an instructor and lecturer for Okayama City’s system to support life-long learning, and energetically participates in activities that are closely attached to the local area. In addition, she received an award at Prefectural Exhibition for Japanese-style Painting (1980), received a sumi ink painting award (1999), and she is developing various creation activities. She obtained a patent for an original knitting-wool picture “Kei.” She has held many personal exhibitions.

Ware Niwa de Asobu (10) Yukiakari. Created in 2004. Mixed media. No. F100.


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